Chris Sherwood

Chris Sherwood joined Kilrush in July 2005 after being invited by Tim to play bodhran with the group at the Great American Irish Festival.  As time went on he began to play guitar when needed as well as incorporate various percussion instruments to the Kilrush sound such as congas or the djembe.  Chris mostly plays guitar now, as well as providing back up vocals.

Chris’s musical taste ranges “from ABBA to Zeppelin” as he puts it, with emphasis on classic country and bluegrass, the music he grew up hearing his family play as a child. Some of his biggest musical influences are James Taylor, John Denver, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Christy Moore, George Strait, and Pat Kane, who provided the introduction to Irish/ Celtic music in the first place..

Chris lives with his wife Abby and two sons in the hills outside of Elmira NY. In 2020, Chris released his first novel, “In Times Of Trouble” and the sequel, “In Times Of Trouble: Aftermath” in 2022. In addition to writing and music, Chris enjoys collecting vintage toys and gardening.  

You can learn more about Chris’s writing at his website,