What Is “Kilrush: Triple Distilled”?

“Triple Distilled” was an acoustic trio act that Tim, Todd and Chris started doing in 2018 or 2019. The initial idea was to play music outside our genre, separate from Kilrush. And sometimes we did, but more often than not we ended up playing a stripped down version of the band’s show.

The demand for the Kilrush “big show” took over, and we scrapped the idea.

Until now.

You’ll see on our 2023 schedule several dates listed as “Triple Distilled.” We’re going to be using that idea for smaller venues where either there’s not enough room for the full band or a quieter, toned down music act is called for.

For a slight twist on the idea, we’re going to have Tim on lead as usual, and then the rest of us will be rotating through on a show by show basis. Some nights may be Tim, Todd and Chris, other nights you may see Tim, Abby, and Brian. Or Tim, Todd and Dave. Or any other combination.

We think this will be both a fun idea for us as well as the audience. Each show will be somehow different. Like Mrs. Gump’s box of chocolates, you’re not quite sure what you’re gonna get. But it will always be a good time.